Ira kolominova   PhotoArtist/  hand printing 

Belarusian photographer, who lives in Brest. Since 2010, she has been engaged in photography, since 2020, mainly analogue, film photography and experiments with manual optical printing. She mainly makes photographs with vintage cameras, Holga, and pinhole cameras, inspired by the style of Pictorial photography, magical realism. She prints mainly Lith method and Bromoil on various vintage photographic papers, each print has its own shade, paper artifacts, and highlights. All prints are unique, there are no two photographs that are the same.

The price of photographs depends on the degree of significance to the author, the uniqueness of the print. If you would like to purchase a photographу, write its name in a message to Ira, find out if it is available and its price.

We accept payment by money transfer Money Gram, PayPal, from Russia - Sberbank. Wordwild delivery. 

The works are framed in paper passe-partout any color and size upon request (no frame and no glass). Delivery is calculated individually.

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 Lith Prints /Landscape 





















                    Lith Prints /Still life 

                Lith Prints/ People and mannequins 

             Bromoil Prints (oil prints photography)


  • 2021 - in the international exhibition of pictorial photography "Wizards of Light Painting" (Tambov Photographic Society,  Russia)

  • 2023 - P.S. Conceptual art exhibition (Brest, Belarus). 


2011- Publication in the magazine "ФотоМастерская" Россия - Photo Workshop with digital collage.

About me

" My name is Ira Kolominova. I born in 1979. I live in Belarus with my husband, who is an artist, a dog and two cats.

My father taught me how to print photographs back in the distant Soviet past. Every weekend we printed black and white photographs, and these are my fondest memories of childhood. The smell of developer, a full bathtub with floating photographs, and red light had a magical effect on the child’s consciousness.

In 2010, I studied digital photography techniques, knowledge of composition and lighting techniques for models from Brest photographer Artur Yakutsevich. I became interested in digital collages and opened a small local studio where I made collages for people.

But in 2020, I discovered the world of Pinhole, read literature about tax photography, and began to follow film photographers on social media networks and plunged into the world of analog photography without a camera. I converted an old retro camera into a camera obscura and began to produce artistic photography. I was invited to the Pictorial Photography exhibition in 2021. Now I'm experimenting with hand printing, old cameras, pinhole".